Fight The Fat With Pasta

Fight The Fat With Pasta

Pasta has become public enemy number one with dieters over the last few years. As many of us kick start 2016 with weight loss on our minds, an unusual form of spaghetti could change people’s views however.

Atlantic Kitchen’s ‘Sea Spaghetti’ has a subtle mild taste that perfectly complements traditional pasta or noodle dishes, and like its Italian counterpart is simply cooked in simmering water. Unlike everyday pasta however, Sea Spaghetti has some surprising benefits…

Made from all natural seaweed harvested from the Atlantic, it is easy to see why products like this have become popular with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Jamie Oliver for their weight loss benefits. Not only is the seaweed jam packed full of important vitamins and minerals, but it’s an incredible source of protein, which helps you stay feeling fuller for longer and less likely to snack.
Most importantly, from a weight loss point of view, it’s also a natural source of a chemical called sodium alginate, which, according to a study carried out at Newcastle University1, can reduce fat intake by up to a whopping 75%. On top of this, Atlantic Kitchen’s seaweed pasta has just 178 calories per 100g of pasta, less than half that of normal pasta.

Add to this the fact it’s jam packed full of iodine, an extremely important nutrient for our mental wellbeing and intellect and you begin to appreciate why so many people have become fans of the subtle flavoured alternative pasta.

Atlantic Kitchen’s range of seaweed products also includes a dried Dulse Seaweed, whose smoky flavour and rich purple colour make it a great addition to salads, and Wakame Seaweed, the ‘spinach of the sea’. All three products are available through the exciting new one stop shop for natural and organic products www.natreco.com

1 Source: Newcastle University Press, published 1 March 2014

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