Pasta’s back on the menu for 2017

Pasta’s back on the menu for 2017

Once a staple of weekly shopping lists, pasta sales have plummeted over the last few years as foods high in carbohydrates have become unpopular thanks to diets like the Paleo Diet and Atkins. 

2016 has seen a slight resurgence in sales as we begin to learn the dangers of having too much red meat in our diets, but healthy eaters are still unsure as to whether pasta gets the green light.

Thanks to Dr Zak’s you no longer have to weigh up the pros and cons of including pasta in your diet. With 55% less carbohydrates than traditional pasta, yet 50g of high quality protein per 100g of pasta (as opposed to ordinary pasta’s 12), Dr Zak’s pasta not only removes the concern about eating too many carbohydrates, but also supplies a great source of meat free protein.

Created by protein experts, Dr Zak’s, the pasta uses the traditional ingredients of Durum Wheat and fresh eggs, but combines them with pea protein to create a pasta that will suit every healthy kitchen’s needs; having less than half the carbohydrates of normal pasta, but enough protein to help with muscle recovery, aid training and keep you feeling fuller for longer and keep an expanding waistline at bay.

For protein aficionados the pea protein Isolate used in Dr Zak’s protein is commonly regarded as the best vegetable protein source on the market. It is absorbed relatively slowly by the digestive system, when compared to other protein sources such as whey protein, and thus provides your body with a more sustained supply of amino acids and nutrients. It is also particularly high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and delivers all eight of the essential amino acids that your body needs to help build and maintain muscle.

So whether you’re looking to cut down on carbs, have a high protein meat free meal, a tastier post gym protein hit, or simply find a food that will keep you feeling fuller for longer and away from the biscuit tin, pasta is well and truly back on the menu.

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