Queuing Up For Quinoa

Queuing Up For Quinoa

Whilst it’s become a common sight in kitchen cupboards however, favoured because of its high protein and nutrient content, there’s much more to quinoa than a simple alternative to rice or couscous; as Hale & Hearty are proving with their exciting range of innovative products…

It’s one of the most searched for food products on the internet, was sacred to the Incas and Kate Moss claims it helps keep her in shape1.

As new research2 continues to highlight the potential weight loss benefits of including quinoa in your diet so Hale & Hearty are highlighting the diversity of the grain and how it can be included in more dishes than you might imagine.

There’s an exciting Penne Pasta, made using authentic Italian methods, which combines quinoa and corn to create a gluten free alternative that will help keep hunger locked up for longer than its traditional counterpart.

Honey Bee Cereal ensures you get your day started in the right way by blending quinoa with rice, corn and a little organic honey or milk free chocolate to ensure your taste buds benefit as much as your health.

And for those who fancy flipping their quinoa, there’s even an organic Pancake Mix, whose results taste so good it’s hard to believe the pancakes are wheat and gluten free.

Whilst the Incas may not have enjoyed their quinoa in quite such exotic ways, discover just how versatile this ancient grain can be at www.natreco.com, the exciting new one stop shop for natural and organic products, where the full Hale & Hearty quinoa range is available.

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