Why Run A 10K In Your 40s?

Why Run A 10K In Your 40s?

You can run a 10K race at any age, but here’s why it’s especially amazing in your 40s!

Women runners of all ages will tell you that running keeps them fit, free, and happy. But what can training for a 10K in your 40s do for you – right now?

Achieve something new.
As adults, we don’t often learn new things and pick up skills. As kids, we’re constantly learning. But once we get settled in careers, most of us stop learning. Training for a 10K challenges your body and your brain. You need to learn new skills, set goals, and work to a timescale. And you’ll achieve something brand-new!

Control your stress.
Running training will help you find space, peace, and time to clear your mind. This is an invaluable gift in a decade when you have so many responsibilities and pressures. For many women in their 40s, running is a therapy and meditation as well as exercise!

Turn back time.
Some ladies feel that their body starts spiralling away from them at about 40. Running is an amazing way to regain control and turn back time. Runners tend to be a healthier weight than non-runners, with less body fat and a healthier waist circumference. Running helps offset muscle loss, which will help you look younger and actually have a higher metabolic rate.

Confidence boost.
The focus and sense of achievement that comes with running a 10K filters over into other areas of life. Training helps you push your boundaries and see what you’re capable of. You will feel the effects of this confidence boost in your career, relationships, friendships, and parenting. Running makes you creative, tough, and competitive. Very positive attributes to carry into your “magic decade” of 40s!

Boost bone density.
Running is a wonderful health tool to help you ward off common health complaints in your 40s. Training for a 10K will help you boost bone density, ward off sarcopenia, keep your heart healthy, and even minimise the risk of diabetes and some cancers. And the best thing? It’s free, and can fit around your busy schedule. No gym membership needed.

Heart health.
Every time you head out for a training run, you help your heart and CV system stay healthier. This is hugely significant, because heart disease is the biggest killer we face. Just know that every training run you do is helping your entire body stay strong, fit, and healthy.

Masters running.
Running a 10K in your 40s means you can enter the “masters” category, but you’ll still be right at the bottom end of it. It’s the ideal decade for setting new PBs and maybe even grabbing a record!

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