Women Runners Are Making The Future Healthier!

Women Runners Are Making The Future Healthier!

As a runner, you’re doing your bit to offset the obesity crisis of this generation….and the next.

According to recent research released by the British Heart Foundation, almost 50% of British women think they’d be out of breath running for a bus. The women in the survey said they’d probably be able to run less than one mile in a go, with about 30% of people surveyed saying they last ran one mile over a decade ago.

When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back? As a runner, you’re ahead of the curve. And you’re already doing your bit to help the obesity problem.

British Heart Foundation launches its “MyMarathon” movement next month, encouraging Brits to run 26.2 miles – marathon distance of course – over the course of a month.

For you, that would probably be child’s play. But let’s look at how your status as a regular runner is setting a great example to the next generation.

By being a runner, talking about your passion, and showing how committed you are to training, you are showing young people that:

1. Running is free to take part in. Just make sure you have decent shoes and a sports bra, and you don’t need to buy anything else. For youngsters, cost is no barrier!

2. Running doesn’t have to mean “marathon”. It doesn’t even have to mean taking part in races or events (although we’d encourage you to look at our series of women’s events if you want some inspiration). This can be good for less competitive, shyer kids.

3. It boosts mood with fresh air, endorphins, and the camaraderie of being part of the running community.

4. You can do it anywhere! City, countryside, at home or on holiday and at any time: morning, lunchtime, evening, even in the dark if you’ve got lights and reflective kit. You don’t need to wait for gym opening times or a class timetable.
High-impact training can build bone density, which is crucial for women and girls of all ages.

As well as running, stay active and live a healthy lifestyle to set a great example. Be a great health role model to your kids and any other young people in your life.

Walk More

Do more of your local chores on foot, walk to more nearby places, and leave the car behind to show how much we have come to rely on driving. Walking is great for cardiovascular health, it’s low impact, it helps manage stress, boosts vitamin D production, and can lower the risk of depression and mental health problems.

Small Actions

Take the stairs. Do household chores and gardening. Walk the dog. Wash the car. Do more chores and active lifestyle things yourself and by hand rather than using machines and labour-saving devices. Show kids that it’s normal and enjoyable to be active every single day.

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