How Running Boosts Your Confidence

How Running Boosts Your Confidence

We’ve written in the past about why we run. The overwhelming response from you ladies is that you run because running is your me-time: your time away from the pressures of work, home and family, and your time when you can still your mind and focus on yourself. But running also boosts your confidence in unexpected ways, you told us. Has running helped you become more confident?

Running makes us more confident because… 

… it makes us stronger in body and mind

… we feel dedicated to a personal goal

… our bodies start looking (and feeling) better

… running helps us appreciate our bodies for what they can do, not what they look like

… if we can conquer a tough run, we can conquer anything!

… we suddenly realise we’re fitter than most other women

… it helps us learn to love our bodies regardless of our age, shape or size

… we know we’re stronger, faster, fitter and healthier than before

… by setting goals and reaching them, we realise our potential

… running helps us be more organised, more efficient and better at time-management

… we become known as “the one who does all the running” – and that feels great!

… all of a sudden, we’re doing something challenging and a little bit unusual

… every stride we take is a positive step forward in the direction we’ve chosen to take

We hope you all recognise all of these points from your own experiences with running. But has running improved your confidence in any unexpected ways? We’d love to hear your stories!

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