An Introduction to 5k Training

An Introduction to 5k Training


The Principles Of Training

It’s a commonly held belief that when you see an improvement in your running,whether it be running further or faster, that it is down to your training at that moment – this is not the case. In fact the improvement has been made some time previously, following earlier training sessions.

When exercising, the body is challenged, following a training session, when the body is at rest, it adapts gets stronger and improvements can be measured during a subsequent session. Hence the most important component of any training programme is rest, so that the body is able to adapt to training. Inadequate rest can result in excessive fatigue, loss of motivation and at worst, injury.

Training Structure

Following the correct exercise protocols is key to maximising your training so that you can start on the road to fitness with safe and correctly balanced training sessions. You should get into the habit of adhering to the following sequence each time your train:


The warm up raises the heart rate, gets blood flowing to the working muscles and prepares the body for exercise. It should be for about 5 minutes and should replicate the movements of the main session.

Main Session

The main session shold include an interval session, which is a great way to improve your performance and because it is a measured distance means that you are running the same distance for each interval.

Cool Down

The cool down should be at a lower intensity than the main session and should bring the body temperature and heart rate closer to pre- exercise levels. Waste by-products of exercise will be flushed from the muscles and tissues, accelerating recovery before the next session.

Stretching and Flexibility

These should be carried out after the main session and cool down as the body is in a greater state of relaxation than at the beginning of a session.

Training Diary

Please do not forget to write everything down in your training diary – this is very important and is the only way to track what works for you and what does not.

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