Double The Flavour, Half The Sugar – YumCha Iced Tea’s

Double The Flavour, Half The Sugar – YumCha Iced Tea’s

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to replace the winter brew with a refreshing glass of iced tea.


Pick up a standard bottle of iced tea however and you’re likely to find a list of odd ingredients on the back, including ‘flavourings’, ‘acids’, ‘acidity regulators’, and plenty of sugar. 

Yum Cha aim to change this for the better this summer. Their new range of iced teas not only have, on average, half the sugar of the leading brand, but they are also created using a more traditional and natural method.

Their cordial style iced teas use only use natural ingredients and make ‘tea’ the star of the show. The brand’s creator travelled the world looking for exciting flavours and has been inspired to create a range of drinks that, whilst containing half the sugar of normal iced tea, promise double the flavour.

Amongst their range you’ll find Sour Plum, the drink of summer in China, made with dried Wu Mei plums, liquorice root and sweet osmanthus flowers, and Moroccan Mint, popular throughout Northern Africa and made using the famous gunpowder green tea and spearmint. Earl Grey lends a quintessential British twist, Jasmine adds another Eastern favourite and, for those who prefer a ‘classic’ iced tea, there’s Lemon Ceylon, made with Sri Lankan tea leaves from the Hamilton Russell estate, who produce an orange pekoe tea grown at high altitude in the mountains above Kandy.

The result of taking this more traditional approach is a collection of refreshing drinks that will tantalise your taste buds and make you totally rethink what you thought you knew about iced tea, showing you how it ‘should’ taste.

Yum Cha’s range of iced teas are delicious over ice, as a summer cocktail base or a family alternative to cordial or fizzy drinks. For more information visit www.yumchadrinks.co.uk

  • £3.95 from delis, farm shops and Amazon
  • Also available in the Yum Cha range are an exciting Elderflower infusion and Nettle Infusion
  • YumCha Iced Tea’s are all dilutable and servings vary per flavour.

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