The Primal Pantry bars

The Primal Pantry bars

Pecan protection
A new study, published early this year, has helped highlight some of the powerful benefits of pecan nuts and why you should include them in your diet.

Whilst pecans are high in fat, the new study has shown that rather than being detrimental to the levels of cholesterol and fats in our blood the nuts appear to reduce them. The researchers behind the study found that when animals were fed diets high in fat, as expected, the level of fats and cholesterol in their blood rose. However then the animals were fed high fat diets ‘and’ pecan nuts these levels fell, compared to controls.

Whilst the researchers didn’t look specifically at how the nuts might be having these effects it is known that they contain high levels of omega fatty acids, the good fats, which are thought to be able to counter some of the negatives of their bad cousins.

Paleo pecans on the go
A new snack bar has recently been launched by The Primal Pantry that is jam packed with pecans and other goodies. Following the principles of the paleo diet the bar only contains natural, raw ingredients and is each bar and combines apple and pecan with cinnamon, dates and high protein almond.

The Primal Pantry bars (which includes other bars – coconut & macadamia, almond & cashew, brazil nut &cherry and hazelnut & cacao) are now available in Tesco, Superdrug, health stores and gyms. For further information visit www.primalpantry.com

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