Hip Pain 2

Hip Pain 2

Question: I run about 4 to 5 times a week now that I have a treadmill at home, I used to just run a max of 3 times a week. I run on average about 45 minutes 3 times a week and an hour 2 x a week but have now started getting hip pain which gets bad if I sit for long or walk. When I bought my trainers I was told I was a normal runner so I do not overpronate so not sure why I am in pain! What should I do? I do stretch after my workout as well. Thanks.

Ash Answer:

Dear Ash,

There are several possible causes of hip pain. You may have developed tightness in your hip flexors (muscles at the front of the hip), abductors or adductors (outer and inner thigh muscles). This can occur in the absence of active hip extensors and external rotators particularly the gluteal (buttock muscles). I would recommend that you book an appointment with a sports physiotherapist for a full assessment of your symptoms and running biomechanics. They should be able to give you a specific diagnosis and advice regarding management of your symptoms. If your training is making your pain worse, you should stop until you have sought proper advice.

Kind regards

Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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