Groin Pain 3

Groin Pain 3


Since starting regular running in April, I have been bothered by severe pubic pain, it comes on early morning and wakes me up. Once up and about it goes. Will doing abdominal exercises help prevent it and is it doing me any harm? It is definitely related to running, and I have never had this before.



Dear Pam,

I would recommend you get a sports physiotherapist to assess your symphysis pubis/groin symptoms. There are several possible causes such as weak core muscles. A thorough assessment would ascertain any areas of weakness/tightness and you would be prescribed the appropriate exercises and treatment. Provided your symptoms are not aggravated by your running there is no reason to stop training but you may benefit from reducing the intensity of your training until the cause of the problem has been addressed.

Kind regards

Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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