Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Question: I have recently started running and am really enjoying it. I have been going every other day for 30 minutes and can now virtually run the whole way without stopping. My problem is that I seemed to have strained the muscles in my lower back especially on one side. Although I have tried resting and doing some core strengthening exercises the pain and stiffness persists. Is my running making this problem worse? Should I give up? I would be very sorry to stop running altogether as I enjoy it.

Can you advise please?



Dear Joanne,

It is possible that you have a muscle imbalance on one side of your pelvis i.e. some muscles are working harder than others when you run, causing the weaker muscles to fatigue quickly.

I would recommend that you reduce the frequency of your training and seek treatment advice/assessment from a sports physiotherapist. With the right treatment and exercise regime you should be able to continue with your running.

Kind regards Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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