Knee Pain

Knee Pain


I have  been training for the half marathon and have now got a painful knee. I have now stopped and I am confused as to what to do. The pain is slowly disappearing.




Dear Martina,

Knee pain is probably one of the most common conditions associated with running but the causes can vary from person to person but is always an indication of tissue stress.

In the ideal situation, treatment of a runner with knee pain should include an assessment of their running gait or style. This will reveal most biomechanical faults or anomalies.

The most common findings are:

Poor control of the foot in the running shoe Poor alignment of pelvis, knee and foot resulting in overuse of wrong muscle groups. Most often this will be the iliotibial band or ITB resulting in adverse stresses through the patella (kneecap). Poor function of gluteal (buttock) muscles resulting in poor control of leg as it contacts the ground.. Other factors that can influence or cause knee pain are:

Intensity of training: how far are you running and how often? Too much too soon can increase tissue stress Running surfaces: grass versus tarmac versus concrete Camber of running surface:  Treatment should start with discontinuing training to prevent further tissue damage. Rest will aid recovery but the cause of the problem needs to be addressed, so consultation with a chartered physiotherapist experienced in treating sports injuries should be the next step.

They will be able prescribe the relevant exercises and perform the necessary manual (hands-on) treatment to clear your symptoms.

I would also recommend an assessment with a registered podiatrist who has experience with sports injuries. They will be able to assess your individual foot biomechanical needs and advise on the appropriate running shoes for you.

Kind regards

AngelaBenjamin MSc MCSP SRP

Chartered Physiotherapist

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