Shin Pain 2

Shin Pain 2


I have recently started running not on a hard surface and I am getting pains in my shins but I dont think it is shin splinths what else could it be ?

Cheers Answer: Dear Helen,

Shin pain can be cause by insufficient control of your foot during the weight-bearing stage of running. If certain muscles are under too much stress, this can result in symptoms. Everyone has a certain foot type, and as such our running shoes should compliment that foot type as much as possible. I would recommend that you consult your local sports physiotherapist who will be able to assess your running gait and advise you on the appropriate treatment for your symptoms. A visit to a podiatrist may also be advisable as they will be able to recommend the best running shoes for your foot type. I would recommend that you discontinue running until your symptoms have resolved.

Kind regards

Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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