Set Your Best Running Goals Ever For 2023

Set Your Best Running Goals Ever For 2023

Can you believe we are just a few days away from 2023? What will you achieve with your fitness and running goals? Let’s start planning now. Who’s in?


Great for: new runners, beginners, or anyone stuck in a rut

One of the easiest running goals to work on is frequency. Would you like to run one (or more) times extra per week? The benefit of increasing your training frequency is base fitness, strength, calorie burn, and embedding the habit.

How to: simple, just decide how often you would like to run per week or per month, and prioritise the running sessions when you plan your diary. Don’t be over ambitious – you can always up the frequency again once this is your new normal.


Great for: intermediate runners, anyone training for a 10K/half marathon

It’s pretty easy to implement the goal of increasing your distance in 2023. The main risks are overtraining and injury (but these can be managed with a slow and sensible approach). The benefits of increasing your mileage are becoming a stronger, fitter runner who can tackle race distances of 10K+ with more ease.

How to: increase your weekly mileage by 10% every 2-3 weeks. When this is a smaller number, you should add the miles to one long run per week. Once this becomes a larger number, split it across your weekly long run and one or two mid-distance runs.


Great for: intermediate to advanced runners, anyone hoping for a PB

Working on your running pace is a more challenging goal, but it’s doable for anyone at any level. After all, it’s relative to you. The benefits of working on your speed include becoming a more efficient runner, getting better race times, and making better use of your precious time!

How to: set aside one or two runs per week to work on speed. One should be a sprint (interval) session like flat sprints, track workout, or hill sprints. The other should be longer slower repeats, or a tempo run (intensity). Every 5-6 weeks consider taking a deload week. Training for speed is hard work and will demand more recovery.

Race performance

Great for: setting a big goal, taking the next step as a runner

If you have already dipped your toe in the world of running races, why not set yourself the 2023 goal of improving your race performance over one or more distances? Popular distances are 10K or half marathons, but we like the idea of getting really good at running 5Ks too. Set your sights on one for now, so you can make your training really specific.

How to: choose a race distance, and enter a race at least 12 weeks away. Get a good training plan, consider joining a club. Include relevant training sessions (speed, pace, distance, tempo). And don’t forget to train your mind – getting more serious about races often means a switch in mindset.

Strength/cross training

Great for: anyone with an hour extra a week!

Training different modalities is a worthy goal for 2023 and should benefit your running performance. Why not add strength training, yoga, Pilates, or a team sport to your workout routine? Any of them will add skills and strengths which carry over to your running. You’ll be fitter, stronger, a more of a well-rounded athlete.

How to: decide what you would most enjoy doing, and what would benefit you most. Do you need to work on strength, core stability, mobility, or flexibility? Find a local club or class, and add one session a week to your plans!

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