How To Prepare For Your 10K Race

How To Prepare For Your 10K Race

Sort these three simple things now, before you get started on your Training Plan, and your 10K experience will be more fun!

Before you get started on your 10K training plan, make sure you’ve covered these simple but important basics. It will help you get through your training – and the race itself – happier, healthier, and ready to run another race if you want! It is important that you prepare properly for your 10k race

Training Programme.

With so many 10K training programmes out there, how do you know you’ve found the “right” one? Almost all of them will get you through 10K safely and in a decent time. But the best training plan in the world is no good to you if you can’t actually stick to it. So choose a training plan that you know you can do. Think about your lifestyle, work schedule, home life, and routine. You’ll need to make some sacrifices to fit training runs in, but it shouldn’t be a chore. Be realistic and settle on something you will be able to do. Expect to run at least 3 times per week when you’re training for a 10K, but also expect at least one day’s complete rest! we know it is tough but if you prepare for you 10k race correctly it will be much more pleasurable


Don’t panic, you shouldn’t need to go on a major diet overhaul to train for a 10K. But your body will need your support. You can’t expect your body to train for a 10K without the healthy nutrition and hydration it needs. So give it a fighting chance. Start drinking more water (all day long, not just after your training runs), and cut down on any foods that make you feel sluggish or bloated. Include protein with every meal and snack. And add more vegetables and leafy greens into your meals (by focusing on what to add in, you’ll automatically crowd out the bad stuff!)

Sports Bra And Other Crucial Clothing.

Every female runner needs at least one good sports bra, regardless of your boob size. The more support you need, the more you should consider investing in this important bit of kit. As with normal bras, fit is imperative. But you also need to make sure your running bra is comfortable, won’t chafe or rub, and gives you the support you need. Consider buying two or three.

Shoes and socks are the other key bit of clothing you’ll need to sort out before you start training. Visit a specialist running store if you can. They will help you find the best pair of running shoes for your running style. Whilst you’re there, invest in one or two pairs of running socks – you’ll be amazed what a difference they make compared to normal everyday socks!

Training plan? Check! Bra, shoes, and socks? Check! Healthy eating plan? Yup!

You’re ready to start training for your 10K – good luck! Enter the Windsor Womens 10k 

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