Do You Need Specific Running Kit For A 10K Race?

Do You Need Specific Running Kit For A 10K Race?

A smart selection of running apparel will make your 10K journey more comfortable. Here’s how to choose the best kit.

Your 10K race is likely to last between 40 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes. However long you’re out there for, your kit and shoes need to help not hinder your running. If your kit is chafing or your shoes are rubbing, every minute will feel like forever. These crucial bits of kit know-how will help make each training session (and the race) comfortable.

Start with shoes.
You could run more than 10,000 strides during a 10K race – and that’s not including all that training of course! The right choices of running shoes will keep your feet happy, but they’re much more important than than. Running shoes provide cushioning and support for your entire body. Choose the correct kind of shoes for your stride, gait, and for the surface of your training routes. Go to a proper running shop if you can. They will assess your gait and recommend the best shoes. Train in your race-day shoes, but keep a note of how many miles they’ve clocked up.

When you find a good sports bra, buy two.
No matter what size your bust is, you need a proper sportsbra for running. Choose from encapsulation, or a combination of encapsulation and compression styles. Your sportsbra should fits well around the ribcage, back, and shoulders with the right support for your boobs. Make sure it doesn’t chafe or rub, and offers the right amount of support for your back, bust and cup size. A specialist sportsbra retailer will be able to help you choose the right bra for your body.

Socks for runners.
Don’t train for a 10K in normal socks, or trainer socks which can slip down and leave your ankles bare for blistering. Use socks which are designed for female runners’ feet. Choose lightweight socks in a wicking fabric. Some are made of two thin layers, which are less likely to lead to blisters than thicker socks.

Ditch the cotton.
Cotton might be OK for gym clothes, but it won’t do for 10K training. Cotton holds on to sweat and rain, weighing you down with a cold damp layer. Choose kit made from intelligent materials, like wicking fabrics which move sweat away from your body to keep you comfy. proper running sportswear will keep you cool or warm as needed, will dry when it gets damp, and will be quick and easy to watch.

Your race-day kit selection.
The Windsor 10K is in Autumn, so the weather on race day is likely to still be warm and sunny (but you might cool down more quickly than after a July 10K). Keep an eye on the weather reports as your race day gets closer. Choose the right race day outfit combination. Will you need base layers? Or outer layers which you can remove when you line up at the start? A hat and gloves might come in handy if it’s a chilly morning. You’ll need a waterproof jacket if the British weather springs a surprise September shower on us. On the other hand, sports sunglasses and a visor might be the way to go! Don’t wear anything new on race day (even a charity vest if you’re fundraising). Make sure everything fits comfortably and nothing chafes or rubs.

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