Stay Injury-Free All Through Your 10K Plan

Stay Injury-Free All Through Your 10K Plan

Get to the start line without missing a single day of training because of injury!

Get Yourself An MOT

Before you start any training plan, get a check up with a physiotherapist or sports therapy expert. You’d do the same thing for your car before heading off on a long journey. So make sure your body is sound and ready to train. You should expect an expert to do a biomechanical expert, a soft tissue check, and gait analysis. If you get injured during training, head back to the same expert who will diagnose you or refer you on to the right person.

Look Out For Common Problems

Get to know your body so you recognise problems before they get serious. Common problems for runners tend to be strains, tendonitis and irritation of the knee, ankle, calf, feet, and IT band. calf strains, achilles tendonitis and cartilage irritation of the knee.

Are Your Shoes Fit For Purpose?

Make sure your regular training shoes are fit for the job. If you need new ones, get expert advice from a specialist shop. The shoes should suit your weight, gait, running style, plus the terrain you’ll be training on.

Regular Stretching

Add stretching to your training routine. Experts advise dynamic stretching before you run, and static stretching afterwards. There are a few cost-effective tools you can add to your routine: try a foam roller to ease out tight muscles and trouble spots. If you can afford regular sports massage, it will help keep yo injury free, plus your therapist will act as a second pair of eyes on the lookout for injury.

Take Sleep Seriously

Sleep is your secret weapon for rest and recovery – and it’s free! Go to bed at the same tie every night, wind down before sleep, and don’t take your phone or tablet computer into the bedroom. If you wake in the night, don’t be tempted to go online. Lie in bed with your eye shut, even if you can’t sleep. The rest will still help.

Smart Training

Follow your training plan, even if progress seems slow. Don’t add extra sessions, increase mileage, or do more just because you feel fit. In fact, feeling like you could do more is a good sign! That training plan has been designed by experts and it’s timed to perfection. Stick to it and you’ll get to your 10K start line fit, fresh, and injury free.


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