Taking Your First Steps Towards A 10K

Taking Your First Steps Towards A 10K

10K is the perfect distance for beginners who want the challenge of a race. We’ll help you get started.

Think running races aren’t for you? We’d encourage you to think again. Many beginner runners think they’re not fit enough, not fast enough, or not slim enough to do a race. We say: if you want to, go for it!
But we realise that it’s not that easy. Signing up to your first race is a big step. It can take a lot of courage (especially if you don’t come from a sporty family).

7 Steps To Your First Running Race

1. Are You Ready?
If you can run/walk for 30 minutes, then you’re ready to start training for a 10K race. Hey, some people start training for a race before they can even run at all! So just by being here, reading this, you’re one step ahead of many beginners. With 8-12 weeks of training, you can definitely be ready to run a 10K. So that’s your body sorted, now what about your mind…

2. Self-Belief
Many female runners suffer from crippling self-doubt. They’ve been running a few times a week for a while. But when the question of a race comes up, they doubt themselves. Let’s get one thing straight. You are capable. You will be fit enough. You are not too slow. You can do it, if you want to. Only you can answer the question of “do I want to?”

3. Choose Your Distance
We think 10K is a great race distance for a beginner. It’s challenging (a little over 6 miles) but not as daunting as a half-marathon. Even if it takes you over an hour (and it might), that’s OK. Your training runs won’t be so long that they impact family life. And there are lots of 10k races to choose from, all over the country.  Why not join us at the Windsor Women’s 10k on Saturday September 23rd 2023

4. Assess Your Fitness
Now you’ve decided to do your first race, you need to get a training plan. To do that, work back from the race date. How many weeks do you have? And how fit are you right now? How far can you can run (or run/walk) for at the moment?

5. Get A Plan
The important bit! Once you’ve selected your race, you know how many weeks you have left to train. Don’t forget that your final week will be a taper or rest week. So subtract one week from the total weeks, and find a 10K beginners training plan that suits you. You might like to join a local running club (it will have a beginners group). Or partner up with a friend who would also like to train for a 10K. Not sure how to train? Enter the Windsor Womens 10k and you will have access to training plans and our Experts who are more than happy to help and advise you, plus of course our Facebook Group

6. Tell People About It
You’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement, nerves, and pride. So tell people about your race! Be proud of the fact that you’re going to do something outside your comfort zone. Training for a 10K is incredible. So let friends, family, and colleagues know. If you think someone might not give you the support you need, you don’t need to tell them.

7. Get Support
Make sure you share your 10K plans with people who will support you, encourage you, and be happy for you. If there are any negative people in your life, you don’t have to share it with them. This is easy enough if they are colleagues. But what happens if you lack support from your nearest and dearest? It’s difficult, but it does happen. Start by telling them that this is important to you, it makes you happy, and you’re really proud of yourself. Build a tribe of fellow runners (online, or in the local area). They will be happy to listen to every detail of every training run, even if your partner isn’t!

If you want to run a race, you go ahead and do it! Don’t let anyone (that includes yourself!) tell you you’re not fast or fit enough. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you will progress. Enjoy the process, and let us know how you get on!


Windsor Women’s 10k Saturday September 23rd Click here to enter now

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