November Training Tips For A Spring Marathon

November Training Tips For A Spring Marathon

Have you got a place in a spring 2020 marathon? The London Marathon is the famous one of course, but there are plenty of other marathons held in April 2020. If you’ll be running one of them, here’s how to train in November. It’s never to early to start building a solid marathon base!

5 Reasons To Start Marathon Training Early


1 Mindset – telling yourself that you’ve already started training for your Spring marathon will get you into the mindset of a marathon runner. It doesn’t matter if your regular runs don’t change. Your mindset will have shifted, and that’s worth a lot.


2 Confidence – get started now and you can get more miles under your belt (including some extra races along the way), which is great for your confidence as a marathon runner. Don’t let the distance daunt you.


3 Base fitness – the main benefit of starting your marathon training early is to build solid base fitness of strength, endurance, and cardiovascular adaptations. Your entire body – from heart and blood vessels to muscles and lungs – will benefit from an extra block of base fitness.


4 Routine – marathon training means creating a regular routine of running and recovery. The sooner you can get that routine in place, the sooner you can start focusing on a successful marathon training plan.


5 Time – it sounds obvious, but if you start early then you give yourself more time for deload weeks, for holidays or weekends away, or to deal with minor injury or illness. If you start your 16 week training plan exactly 16 weeks before the race, you give yourself no wiggle room at all.


Find New Routes


Use November, and December to seek out new running routes so your official marathon training routine feels fresh. A new environment will make those training runs more enjoyable.


Run For A Purpose

Let’s face it, marathon training can get boring even though the ultimate goal is exciting! Start giving your training runs an extra purpose now – can you run to or from work, the gym, or at lunch time?


Get It Done Early

As you get deeper into marathon training, you will realise that morning running makes sense. Morning marathon training runs are easier to fit around family life, and they are less likely to get derailed by work meetings, phone calls, or other obligations. Start getting into the habit of running in the morning now, so you build this good habit ahead of your official marathon training programme.


Face The Elements

Running over Winter can be a challenge, but sticking with it throughout rain and wind will stand you in good stead. What are you going to do if there’s a patch of poor weather in the middle of your 16 week training plan? Get used to getting out in all weathers. It’s a great confidence builder.


Best of luck with your marathon training – we’ll be here to help as the weeks tick by!

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