5 Reasons To Sign Up For Our Races Today

5 Reasons To Sign Up For Our Races Today

5 reasons to sign up for our races today

The weather is getting better

We wouldn’t be British if we didn’t put this point first! With the weather getting
brighter and better in the coming months, there’s never been a better time to get
out for those post-work runs in the brighter evenings.
When it comes to race day, you can’t deny that it’s better to be racing in the sun
than the wind and the rain of our Autumn, Winter and Spring months. Whilst we
can’t promise the weather, we can say that it’s much more likely you’ll have a
sunny race day in the coming months.

Halfway through the year is a great time to set some new goals

You might have set some goals or New Year Resolutions back in January, and
whether you’ve achieved them, or slightly lost track of your progress, now is the
time to set some new ones!

Perhaps you set yourself the goal of achieving a sub-1-hour 10km back in
January, but you’re not quite there yet. Rather than setting yourself a new
outcome goal of a sub-1:10, why not set yourself a performance goal.

What is a performance goal?

A performance goal focuses on a certain aspect of your efforts and performance
that you are in total control of, unlike the outcome (the time you run, the place
you finish etc).

Why set yourself a performance goal?

A performance goal can help take the pressure out of the equation that an
outcome goal can cause, as well as putting the control back in your hands.
Outcome goals can often be impacted by external forces. For example, bad
weather such as high winds could affect the time that you could achieve or other
athletes could reduce your chances of a podium position.

Here are some examples of performance goals you could set yourself this
1. Run the whole race – whether this is a 10km or a half marathon, this can
be a fantastic achievement.
2. Running up all the hills in the race

There’s enough time to get in a decent training block

If you’re thinking it’s too tricky to fit enough training in, we assure you it’s not!
There are 14 weeks until our Windsor Women’s 10k race, giving you the perfect
amount of time for the perfect three-phase training block to build up to 10k. Why not
try the format below?

Number of Weeks Date range Focus Details
3 now – 10th July Building a base Meaning lots of easy running and building that distance
1 11th-17th July Recovery A week of reduced milage and letting your body recover
4 18th July – 14th August Building in some speedy A period of time where you should mix things up with some interval sessions to help increase your body’s capability of running at race pace, whilst also completing longer runs to continue strengthening your aerobic base.
1 15th-21st August Recovery A week of reduced milage and letting your body recover
4 22nd August – 18th September Race pace focus Now your body knows what speed feels like again, and you’re getting closer to making 10km feel comfy (or as comfy as it will be!), it’s now time to put in some race-pace efforts. These will help your body learn what it feels like to run at the pace you want to on race day. If you haven’t got an outcome goal of a certain time, try setting yourself a time range to work towards – however big you want that range to be!
1 19th – 24th September Taper A chance to let your muscles recover and be fresh for race day.

Continue to pay early-bird pricing

If you’re worried about the pricing side of things – and you haven’t yet heard –
we’re keeping all our prices at our Early Bird pricing levels. This would have
usually finished on the 31 st May, however we have decided to keep our entry

prices at their lowest level this year to ensure people can access and enjoy our
event. Why? Well we just get it. The current economic climate isn’t making things any
easier and we don’t want your running to suffer; so we’ve done something about

This means that you can run the Windsor Women’s 10k for just £25.50-27.50
(UK affiliated – non-affiliated) and the Windsor Half Marathon for just £37.50-
39.50 (UK affiliated – non-affiliated).

We aim to make our races more than just that. We strive for the creation of
affordable and accessible experiences for all that take part.

Get your friends and family involved

Why not take on the challenge alongside a friend or family member? Running
with someone else can help you get your trainers on and get out the door on
those days when you just don’t fancy it.

Racing with a friend really can add the fun into it so why not share this blog with
someone who might fancy a new running goal in the calendar.

If your friends and family don’t fancy running the event with you, perhaps suggest
they come along and make a day of it. Your summer races can be more than just
a race day – it can be a family day out too!

Our events have a focus on community which means that we’re here for you as
much as your support crew are! The Windsor Women’s 10k has a circular route
with multiple spectator spots to enjoy the clapping and support that they bring.
There’s nothing better than seeing your family and friends around the corner
when you’re a little tired from the amazing miles you’ve already completed. And –
let’s be honest – those extra photo opportunities after the race makes it all the
better to shout about your achievement later.

We hope you feel inspired to sign up to a race this summer, whatever your goals!
See you there? You can sign up below ⬇️



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