5 New Ideas For Sticking To Your Running Schedule Over Winter

5 New Ideas For Sticking To Your Running Schedule Over Winter

Don’t let dark evenings and cold days ruin your running mojo!

Let’s not kid ourselves – running gets more difficult over Winter. Not so long ago we had lovely long days, warm weather, and blue skies. Now it’s all about layers, rain, wind, and darkness. Not to mention the extra laundry (bring back shorts and vest weather!)

So what’s a woman to do? Give up running completely until April? No thanks. We love running – we just wish it wasn’t a struggle.

If you’re feeling demotivated, or haven’t run for a while because of the cold and dark, then have a read of these 5 new ideas. If just one of them inspires you to get out running this week, we will have done our job!

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#1 Find a local running partner

Have you got a friend or family member who would go running with you? Maybe even your partner (if that would work for you both)? Finding a local running partner ticks so many boxes: motivation, fun, accountability, and safety of course. Arrange regular running sessions with your new buddy, and stick to the date. You won’t want to let each other down. Start with once a week, and add more meet ups if it’s working for you both. Take turns suggesting the run, so you each get a week “off” and learn some new routes in the bargain.

#2 Make a pledge or promise

And make it public! This could be running related (a distance challenge or pace increase), or something to do with weight loss. Make it personal to you, so you get excited about it. Then tell someone. Put it on your Facebook, or tell your partner and kids. Making it public adds a level of accountability. Make sure your goal is realistic, meaningful, and personal to you. It will be just the push you need to get out running a few times a week.

#3 Join a running club

This is a no brainer. Your local area is bound to have at least one running club. Go along to all of them to check out the atmosphere, set up, and people. You can join them for their weekly group run, or take it further and take part in extra training like track sessions or cross country. A local running club gives you access to coaches, guidance, advice, support, news about local races, shared transport to events, and a new social circle. Your running will improve tremendously.

#4 Local community running

If you don’t fancy committing to a running club, look around for less formal running groups. Many running shops organise weekly group runs in the evenings, giving you the ideal opportunity to run safely in the dark with a group of people who know the area. Or you could check Facebook for a local women’s running group or even a small group of friends who welcome newbies.

#5 Get a race in the diary

Are you motivated by concrete goals in the calendar? Then earmark a 2023 race – now. It can be in the New Year or way into the year. What matters is that you commit to it and start training for it. Somehow, saying “I’m training for a race” is different to saying “I really need to get out for a run”. Have the mindset of an athlete, training for a race. Every running session matters… yes, even that midweek run that is usually so easy to avoid.

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Happy Winter running!

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