Hi, I have never run before, I am a self employed gardener but this seems to improve only the size of my muscles and not my fitness. Anyway, this year I was inspired to take part in the Race for Life. I have collected sponsorship, but haven’t done any running practice. I started trying to run at the start of the year, could only do about 2 minutes at a time, but every time- I felt really sick and got a bad headache. I felt sick for hours afterwards as well. So this really put me off. The run is next weekend and I will have to walk it which doesn’t matter but I would like to get over the sick problem and give it all I have got next year! If you can help me, thanks.



Dear Lisa,

Apologies for the delay in replying! Are you drinking enough fluids prior to and during your training sessions? Dehydration can contribute to nausea as can insufficient nutrition.

Kind regards

Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP

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