Muscle Aches

Muscle Aches


This may be a stupid question ,but anyway, I have been training in a gym for over 6 months now, 4 -5 times a week. Included in my routine is a 15-25 min. run which I am aiming to increase. I am going to start running outdoors in the next couple of weeks and increase my running to do a 5K race. My question is, should I still ache the day after I have run? My legs are permanently aching! I was told there is no need to stretch beforehand as long as I warm up first, and I also stretch at the end. I would appreciate your time in answering my question. Regards



Dear Sue,

It sounds as if you have the D.O.M.S – delayed onset muscle soreness. With the regularity of your training your body is taking longer to break down lactic acid in your muscles. It is not essential that you stretch but it may be worth varying your training slightly e.g. two longish runs per week, one speed or interval training session and one cross training session.

Excessive leg pain can also be reduced by improving activity of your core stability muscles i.e. deep abdominals and gluteal muscles. This will improve the efficiency of your hip movement during running and reduce the demand on your thigh muscles.

Make sure you are well hydrated during training sessions as this can also have an effect on how quickly your muscles recover.

Good luck with the 5K!

Kind regards

Angela Benjamin

MSc MCSP SRP Chartered Physiotherapist

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