I am 31 and I miscarried 1 week ago (I was 8wks pregnant, 1st pregnancy), I feel fine now and realise that unfortunately it happens.  I run because I enjoy it but now it makes me scared to run to hard as we are trying again for a baby.  Any advice would be gratefully received.  Thank You



Dear Sarah,

Overall, there is no reason why you should not continue to run whilst pregnant. However,in light of your recent miscarriage I would recommend that you consult you GP before you resume training.

Certain modifications to your usual running programme should be made as you are on the whole running for well-being and fitness, as opposed to weight-loss or competitive training:

Initially I would suggest that you reduce the distance of your runs by about 50%. This will allow you to assess your body’s response to training. It would also be advisable to reduce the frequency of your runs for the same reason. Monitoring your heart rate during and after your run is a useful way of checking how you body is coping with the activity. In addition to the increased caloric needs of regular running, an additional 300 calories per day are required to meet the metabolic needs of pregnancy, so make sure you incorporate this into your diet. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as the risk of dehydration is increased during exercise whilst pregnant. Never train to the point where you are short of breath or sweating profusely. Wear a comfortable “stability” running shoe as your ligaments and joints will require more support as your pregnancy advances. Wear a good supportive sports bra. Most importantly stop training if you experience pain, dizziness or nausea and consult you doctor as soon as possible. Kind Regards


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