Foot Pain

Foot Pain


Hi Silly question here, but when I run or jog barefoot (in the gym for instance) I suffer no foot pain, however as soon as I have trainers on, I have a pain in the ball of my left foot, which I can only describe as it feels like I’m running on a bone. Any ideas? I am hoping to get it sorted out soon, as I finally done a 10k sponsored event but ended up walking most of it due to the pain I was suffering and I want to do it properly next time. Regards Jane


Dear Jane,

You may well have something called ‘metatarsalgia’ which is basically pain in the ball of the foot! I would recommend going to a running specialist to get advice on trainers. Alternatively a visit to a podiatrist may also be of benefit as they will assess your running gait and recommend any insoles that may help.

Kind regards Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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