I normally run about 6 miles a day about 4-5 days a week. In the summer I train for long trail runs (17 miles). I have taken a break due to pregnancy and I am struggling to return to a running program because I have been diagnosed with chondromalacia. Does this condition ever go away? How should I get over this? Christie Albuquerque, NM


Dear Christie,

Chondromalacia patellae is a condition associated with degenerative changes of the (patella) kneecap. In the early stages the pain caused by the patella changes causes weakness of the muscles around the joint. The main aim of physiotherapy treatment would be to reduce pain and improve/maximise the strength of the thigh muscles. With sufficient exercise you should be able to resume running but this will be dependent on your symptoms e.g. pain, swelling etc. I would recommend that you consult a sports physiotherapist for assessment and advice on rehab.

Kind regards Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist


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