Winter Face And Hand Creams On Test

Winter Face And Hand Creams On Test


This cold snap is bad news for our poor faces and hands! If you’ve run outside in the last few days you’ll have experienced the worst the weather can throw at our skin. Of course, we don’t want to head to the treadmill or postpone running altogether just because it’s cold outside. So here are our pick of the best Winter face moisturisers and handcreams for wintery running conditions. 

Nelsons is a brand many of us turn to for natural, healing skincare. Try Nelsons Calendula cream for dry, chapped hands or sore skin on your face or neck caused by running outside. In fact, pop it in your bathroom cabinet so the whole family can use it. Made from 100% natural calendula (part of the marigold family), this cream is really soothing and has a gorgeous light scent. (£4.85/30g and £6.35/50, Boots, Holland & Barrett, independent pharmacies, health food stores www.nelsonsnaturalworld.com)

Angela Langford makes her skincare products by hand. We love her Thirsty Work ultra-hydrating face moisturiser. With organic ingredients and no parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours, it’s a truly natural treat for the face, neck and hands. In a handy pump-action tube, the cream contains repairers and regenerators (rosehip, argan, chia seed, red raspberry, frankincense, neroli and carrot seed oils), Q10 + vitamin E, vitamin A for wrinkle-protection and super-hydrating ingredients hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and comfrey extract. It’s a rich cream but absorbs beautifully. (£35.45/45ml and £15.00/15ml travel size, www.angelalangford.com).

Green People is a fantastic brand if you’re serious about watching the ingredients you put on your skin. Strictly paraben- and phthalates-free, there’s nothing on the ingredients lists which you’d object to being absorbed into your bloodstream. We like Help at Hand (10.95/50ml), a lovely rich hand cream with rose, geranium and lavender for dry or irritated hands, which comes in a handy pump-action bottle. For faces, try Day Solution, a soothing and moisturising cream with rose, geranium, chamomile and aloe vera. It’s light, but copes well with harsh winter weather (and it sits well under make-up, too). (£13.95/50ml, http://www.greenpeople.co.uk/) 

Earth Science Naturals Almond Aloe Facial Moisturiser combines nourishing ingredients with anti-ageing protective elements, making it a great choice (at a bargain price) for smoothing on your face before a run.  With almond oil, jojoba, vitamin E, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, it will protect you face and neck from weather damage and drying. (£9.99/150ml, 020 7720 1441 for stockists) 

A’kin unscented Hand, Nail and Cuticle Treatment is a lovely handcream for sensitive skin. If your hands are sore and chapped from external temperatures and central heating, try soothing them with this gentle cream. Containing vitamins E and B5, shea butter, jojoba oil and chamomile, it’s rich and nourishing but sinks in quickly. (12.00/75ml, 01622 859898 for stockists including Holland & Barrett)

How about a really rich and nourishing treat? Organic Surge’s Million Dollar Anywhere Balm is a hard-working multi-tasker: use it on lips, cuticles, split ends, chapped skin or areas made sore by wind, snow or sleet. Containing cocoa and shea butters and a host of organic essential oils, it has a gorgeous light citrus scent. A little goes a very long way with this balm. (£22.50/30ml, http://www.organicsurge.com/)

Finally, we love the Go Balmi lipbalms because they’re just so handy! A spherical design which you simply twist to undo, there’s even an attachment so you can clip it securely to your coat zipper. Perfect for running (and stylish enough that you’ll want to have one in your handbag too). Ingredients include vitamin E, sheer butter and jojoba oil. Go Balmi SPF15 protects from UVA & UVB light and comes in strawberry, raspberry, coconut, blackcurrant or tingly mint. (£4.99, Boots, Mountain Warehouse or Start London)

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