Skincare Saviours For Autumn Running

Skincare Saviours For Autumn Running

Early Autumn can be a hot and sticky time of year for running.

Keep your skin happy with these lovely products.

Boots Hot Weather Cooling Spray

Boots comes to the rescue with its bargain option of a hot weather cooling spray which you can keep in the fridge, or carry in your kit bag or handbag. Or keep it in your desk drawer to wake yourself up before heading out for your evening run. It cools and refreshes on contact, whilst also calming your skin. Perfect if you’re feeling hot and bothered before or during your Autumn run.
£3.99 from Boots https://www.boots.com




Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Spray

This spray is more than just a refreshing spritz. It’s great for your skin and even your hair, packed with trace minerals to cool, soothe, and moisturise. Keep it in the fridge and spray it all over when you get back from a hot sticky run. Or use it to refresh yourself after a day at work and before you head out for your run. It’s pH balanced and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin and suitable for use on children and babies.
£9 from Janiro https://www.janiro.co.uk/


Nelson’s Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel

We love Arnicare’s arnica cream for bumps and bruises. This specialist gel is a little different, designed for massaging into tired legs. It cools the skin and revises your legs after a hot run, and the added grapefruit oil and menthol combine with natural arnica to reduce swelling. Keep it in the fridge for even more of a cooling treat!
£5.40 from Boots, Holland & Barrett and chemists www.arnicare.co.uk




Boots Pharmaceuticals Derma Care Itch Relief Cream

If hot weather running leaves you with itchy skin that drives you mad, keep a tube of Boots Derma Care Itch Relief Cream in the bathroom cabinet. It relieves the irritation of heat rash, insect bites, stings, and scratches from nettles and brambles. An Autumn-running skin care saviour!
£2.99 from Boots https://www.boots.com




Incognito Moisturiser

What a great idea – a skin moisturiser that repels bugs, insects and even spiders. Running at this time of year can be a battle with mozzies and midges lining our favourite running routes. Apply incognito’s moisturiser on exposed skin to look after your skin and repel bugs at the same time. The active ingredient is organic Java Citronella (which bugs hate!), giving it a lovely citrus smell. It also contains aloe vera and calendula, and is 100% natural with no nasties.
£13.95 from Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Waitrose, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Trailfinders Travel Clinics, and health stores www.lessmosquito.com



Foot Expertise Hydra Recharge

Foot Expertise is a collection of cosmeceutical-grade goodies designed for runners’ feet. What a treat! Hydra Recharge is a soothing conditioning cream for dry feet. Unlike some foot creams, it sinks in easily leaving your feet feeling fresh. No parabens, SLS, mineral oils or other nasties. Just natural deep soothing ingredients for hard-working feet.
£11.99 from Chill Cabinet www.chill-cabinet.co.uk



 Foot Expertise DeStresser

We also love Foot Expertise’s DeStresser, a pump action mousse which instantly cools and soothes your feet and legs. We’ve been keeping it in the fridge and applying a couple of pumps to our calves and ankles before or after a hot run. It contains menthol to combat feelings of heavy, tired legs and to bring down puffiness. The very light foam mousse sinks in immediately with no stickiness, and moisturises the skin with natural ingredients.
£12.99 from Chill Cabinet  www.chill-cabinet.co.uk



Temple Spa AAAHHH! Balm

This luxury balm is like a spa treatment in your own home. A lovely treat for swollen, hot feet and tired legs. It’s a lightweight balm packed with essential oils, menthol, and dandelion extract. It’s designed for feet and legs but we’ve been using it on any hot, sore area of the body (even the lower back). It reduces swelling and fluid retention, cools the skin, and moisturises without stickiness. If you can get someone to massage your legs with it, even better!
£20 from Temple Spa http://www.templespa.com

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