How To Dress For Summer Training

How To Dress For Summer Training

Summer weather is finally here – here’s how to run in style

Warmer weather brings its own set of challenges to us runners. From sun protection to sweat and chaffing, Summer kit has a lot to contend with. Your Summer running wardrobe needs to protect your skin, shade your face, keep you cool, and boost your running performance.

Here’s the Running4Women 2021 list of Summer-running kit essentials

Comfortable shorts

A good pair of running shorts will make you feel comfortable and confident. Look for technical fabric (the term “wicking” means the product will draw sweat away from your skin so it dries).

Bonus features would be a zipped pocket for keys and other essentials, bright colours or reflective strips, and a comfortable adjustable waistband.

T-shirt, tank or vest top

Your Summer running wardrobe should include some short sleeved options for those really hot days. Tanks and vests expose your shoulders, t-shirts give a little more coverage. Whichever option you go for, choose technical wicking fabric and make sure the cut of the arm holes is the right fit (underarm chafing, no thanks!)

Sports sunglasses

Quality sports sunglasses are widely available and don’t need to cost the earth. Look for a pair that fit your face, won’t bounce or slip, and protect from UV rays. Bonus points if they come with a variety of lenses for different light conditions, but that’s not essential.

Peaked cap

We love a peaked cap for Summer running. This one simple bit of kit achieves so much: shading your eyes from sun, keeping your hair out of your face, absorbing forehead sweat, and providing a tiny bit of privacy. Choose a lightweight cap with plenty of airflow.

Long sleeved top

Are you a legs out or an arms out kind of woman? There will be some Summer days that call out for the shorts + long sleeves combination. Get yourself a very lightweight, breathable long sleeved top for layering up or overcast days.

Lightweight socks

Winter running socks feel too heavy in Summer, plus they don’t dry out quickly once you get sweaty. Look for lightweight ankle or trainer-style socks in technical fabric, with reinforced toe and heel areas to increase durability. Double-layer socks can help prevent blisters from running in hot weather.

Running shoes

Do you need new trainers? Most people are running in shoes well past their best-before date. Did you know that running shoes should be replaced every 400-500 miles? Calculate your monthly average mileage and you’ll see what that means for your current pair of trainers.

Obvious signs that your trainers need replacing are soles that are worn smooth, cracked, or damaged. But don’t wait for visible signs. Keep a note of the mileage and replace before the 500 miles is up.

Sun screen

Bright sunny weather means more UVA and UVB rays, which can cause immediate and longer term damage to your skin. We all need a little sunlight in order to create Vitamin D. But too much direct sun can cause sunburn and ongoing damage.

Choose a sports-specific broad spectrum sun cream that is sweat resist and can be used on the face, neck, and body. Remember to apply it 10+ minutes before you head out on your run.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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