Why Fitness New Years Resolutions (Hardly) Ever Work

Why Fitness New Years Resolutions (Hardly) Ever Work

How are your resolutions holding up? If they’ve slipped, here’s what to do about it!

Don’t feel bad if your fitness “resolutions” have already started to slip. Even the most dedicated runners find it difficult to set New Year’s Goals and stick to them. This is why things can go wrong – and how you can turn things around for a fabulous February!

Motivation Isn’t That Important

Contrary to popular belief, motivation isn’t as important as other factors. It will get you started, and spur you on for a week or two (powered by excitement and endorphins). But after the initial motivation has gone, you need some solid skills in place.

Habits Are!

Those important skills are healthy habits, a good routine, and consistency. These will last long after the initial motivation has slowed down. Habits will turn your New Years Resolutions into achievements. What do you need to do in order to reach your goal? Drill down into the details of training, nutrition, and recovery and get these habits embedded in your daly routine.

Was Your Goal Too Big?

A large goal can feel extra motivating, especially when you tell other people about it. But the training will take a long time, and this can seem daunting. It’s difficult to stay focused on a goal for months.

Set Smaller Ones

Break your big goal into mini goals and the process will be much easier. Periodise your training into smaller programmes. Set mini goals of pace improvements, distance markers, or weight loss. Write these down, and track your progress. And congratulate yourself along the way – that will keep you going!

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Change A Goal

Runners tend to be Type-A personalities who find it difficult to give up on a goal. But be realistic. Life changes, and so do you. If the goal you announced in January doesn’t feel right by March, it’s not a sign of weakness to change it. If a goal starts affecting your body, your relationships, or your health then it’s not right for you. Your goal doesn’t define you. The fact that you are a healthy, active person does. Stick to your healthy habits and the right goal will find you.

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