The Principles of Training

The Principles of Training

Principles of Training

You will undoubtedly have heard it said that when you break a bone, it heals to become stronger than it was before you broke it. That is exactly the way training works. You put your body under stress and it responds by becoming stronger. When you first start to train you will notice that your muscles feel sore or “stiff” this is quite simply the fact that your muscle fibres are breaking down beacuse of the work load you have put on them, but the fact is that they repair themselves and, like your bones they are much stronger than before. This is a continuing cycle as you slowly increase your training.


The important thing to remember is that to enable your muscles to repair you need rest! You must give your body time to recover from the stress of long runs, speed work or hill work. If you don’t then you will continue to breakdown even further until injury occurs and you can’t run at all – this is the primary cause of injury amongst runners. Without time to recover, you wont get stronger – in fact you will be weaker and the damage to your body will increase until you are injured.

Specifity of Training

It is important for you to understand that training is not just a building process but also a learning process. You body adapts and learns from specific training situations; running up hills, running faster and longer. The more you repeat these processes the more ready your muscles are to adapt to specfic processes:

– If you want to run fast then you have to do some speed work

– If you are going to take part in a race over hills then you need to train over hills.

– If you are training to run a marathon then you need to do long runs.

Think about what you want to achieve: run your first 5k, run a faster 10k or complete a marathon – whatever it is you want to achieve you can design a training plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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