Running and Incontinence

Running and Incontinence


I seem to have acquired urgency incontinence from running. Any suggestions? It can happen anytime, not just on running days. I usually run on a treadmill, so no hard surfaces and have good trainers.


There are a number of factors to be considered when presented with continence issues and exercise.

Firstly, you did not mention whether or not you have had children as this will have a bearing on your control of your pelvic floor muscles.

Fluid intake can also affect your bladder control: too much water shortly before or during a run can be too much to handle for the “untrained” bladder. Tea and coffee intake should also be reduced as both of these have strong diuretic effects.

Control of “core” muscles particularly deep abdominals (transverses abdominus) if not sufficient can predispose to bladder dysfunction.

I would recommend that you consult a sports physiotherapist and inquire about specific pelvic floor and transverse abdominus exercises.

If your symptoms persist then I would suggest that you discuss it with your GP.  

Kind regards 

Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP SRP

Chartered Physiotherapist

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