Replace Your Run On A Rainy Day

Replace Your Run On A Rainy Day

We’re not saying you can’t run on a rainy day – of course you can (in fact, for some of the Running4Women team it’s a guilty pleasure!) But sometimes you just don’t fancy heading out in the rain, and that’s OK. Here are 5 replacement activities which will benefit your running performance.

Stretching And Yoga

One of the best things you can do if you’re housebound and unable to run is stretch. If you’ve got a foam roller, use it to gently roll out your quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back and upper back. Then stretch any part of your body which feels stiff, sore, tight or shortened due to sitting, driving or running. Take as long as you like (if kids and pets allow, put the TV on and spend half an hour stretching and holding some gentle yoga poses whilst your favourite sit-com plays in the background!)

Bodyweight Exercises

There’s plenty you can do with just your bodyweight to strengthen your body for running. Try press ups, squats, lunges, triceps dips and variations of all the above. Add in some core exercises like planks, side planks and superman planks. If you want to turn a bodyweight workout in to more of a calorie-burning experience, add in plyometric moves like jump lunges, jump squats, burpees and mountain climbers.

Keep Hydrated

Don’t forget to keep drinking (water, that is!) on days you don’t run. In fact, it’s the ideal time to top up your hydration levels and make sure your body is fully hydrated in preparation for your next run. If you struggle to get in enough water, try herbal (non-caffeinated) teas, or add ice or slices of citrus fruit to your water.

Food Preparation

Why not use your day off from running to plan, prepare and batch cook healthy meals and snacks which will support your running and weight loss or weight management goals? Eating right is so much easier when you have food pre cooked, portioned and ready to go. A slow cooker or crock pot, “George Foreman” grill and big baking tray are all your allies when it comes to prepping wholesome, healthy food which will help you become a better runner.

Plan And Prepare

It’s always fun to plan future running goals. So why not get online, look at running race calendars, running holidays and training camps, or fun running challenges. Set yourself some goals, team up with a partner or a group of running buddies, and then set about planning exactly how you’ll work towards your new running target.

Hopefully by now, the rain has stopped and you can head out for your next run, happy in the knowledge you’re hydrated, rested, stretched, fuelled up and raring to go!

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