Managing Your Energy

Managing Your Energy

Managing Your Physical Energy: 10 Must Do Strategies:

Physical energy is the fundamental source of fuel in life. If you don’t have enough physical energy, you won’t have adequate emotional and mental energy. That’s why it’s imperative to eat right, get enough rest, and exercise regularly. Making that commitment will give your body and mind the best kind of energy. These 10 strategies are the most important ways to manage your physical energy:

  1. Go to bed early and wake up early.
  2. Go to sleep and wake up consistently at the same times.
  3. Eat 5 – 6 small meals per day.
  4. Eat breakfast every day.
  5.  Eat a balanced healthy diet.
  6.  Minimise simple sugars.
  7.  Drink 48 – 64 ounces of water daily.
  8.  Take breaks every 90 minutes during work.
  9.  Get some daily physical activity.
  10.  Do at least 2 cardio vascular workouts and 2 strength training workouts per week

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