Running4Women Top Ten tips for Keeping Active

Running4Women Top Ten tips for Keeping Active

We are all having to adapting our training under the current restrictions but its important to keep active, keep running, keep getting out in the fresh air if you can. We all know it’s important to eat right, rest right and exercise right so here are Running4Women’s top ten tips.

1. Go to bed early and wake up early.

2. Go to sleep and wake up consistently at the same time – even on weekends.

3. Eat 5-6 small nutritious meals a day.

4. Always eat breakfast – it really is the most important meal of the day.

5. Eat a balanced, healthy diet.

6. Minimise simple sugars, avoid foods containing sucrose or fructose.

7. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.  All drinks count but water, milk and fruit juices are best.

8. Take breaks every 90 minutes during work – get up, walk around, stretch your legs.

9. Do 30 minutes of physical activity daily – do something you love to do.

10. Do at least 2 cardio vascular workouts and 2 strength training workouts per week.


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