Have You Decided To Run On Christmas Day?

Have You Decided To Run On Christmas Day?

Here’s how to run on Christmas Day without upsetting the festivities.

Get It Done Early

Plenty of people love running on Christmas Day. It can clear your head for the day ahead, help work up an appetite, and be a wonderful tradition. But you risk upsetting relatives and house guests who might not understand your need to run. So get it done early, before Christmas Day really begins. If yours is an adult (or teenager) household, you could go before anyone else is awake. If you’ve got young children, that might not be realistic. The best time for you might be whilst everyone else is queuing for the shower, eating breakfast, and getting dressed. You only need 30 minutes!

No Expectations

Your Christmas Day run isn’t really a training session. It’s a chance to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and clear your head. Don’t worry too much about time, pace, or distance. And definitely don’t try to tackle a new PB. Just head out for a run, enjoy the sights of Christmas Day outside, then head home with a happy glow.

Rehydrate Properly

If you enjoy a drink or two on Christmas Day, just remember that you did go for a run earlier in the day. So be sure to rehydrate with water before you start on the Bucks Fizz.

Your Post-Run Meal

It can be tempting to get in from your Christmas morning run and grab a handful of Celebrations (other Christmas chocolates are available…) But remember that your body doesn’t know it’s Christmas, so try to help it help you. Your body needs a small snack of carbs and protein – plus water – after your run. So have a smaller version of your regular post-run meal or snack. Then by all means dig into the Celebrations!

Don’t Expect Everyone To Understand

Not everyone around the Christmas dinner table is a runner, so don’t expect them all to understand – or even to care – about running. So don’t go on and on about how far you ran that morning or the fact that you were up and out before most of them were awake. You run for yourself, remember, not for approval or to prove a point. On the other hand, you might find that extended family are keen to hear about your hobby, in which case here’s your chance to be proud of what you’ve achieved over the year!

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