Will You Join Us On A Christmas Day Run?

Will You Join Us On A Christmas Day Run?

There’s nothing more special than a glorious Christmas Day run. Discover why we run on Christmas Day. Will you join us this year?

We love running on Christmas Day. For most of us, it’s an established Christmas tradition. A quick poll at the Running4Women office revealed that most of us head out on Christmas morning for our run, with just a few of us doing our special Christmas Day run in the evening. One thing is for sure: those of us who love running on Christmas Day defend our little tradition! Christmas Day wouldn’t be the same without a short outdoor run.

You could get a short Christmas Day run in by:

– running first thing, before anyone else is up.

– running whilst the family and house-guests are queuing for the shower.

– running whilst the main meal is cooking.

– running in the afternoon when people are napping or engrossed in the gifts they received.

– running in the evening, once your meal has settled.

Running on Christmas Day is about celebrating the joy of running. It doesn’t have to be a long run or a fast one, and we usually don’t even wear a watch or heart rate monitor. We just head out for a light jog around our local village or town. It stretches the legs, gets fresh air into the lungs and is a fantastic start to one of the most special days of the year.

Here’s a little secret. Our favourite part of a Christmas Day run? It’s that magical moment when you pass other people who are outside enjoying the fresh air, and you share a cheerful smile, wave and say “Merry Christmas!” You’re likely to meet at least one dog walker, church-goer, rambler, cyclist or family when you head out for your Christmas Day run, and you can be sure that they will return you smile and wave.

Your Christmas Day run is likely to be the happiest and most joyful run of the year. If you don’t already run on Christmas Day, we urge you to start. Make it part of your annual tradition!

Merry Christmas Everyone

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