Great Breakfast Ideas For Women On The Go

Great Breakfast Ideas For Women On The Go

Whatever your relationship status and job role, and regardless of whether you have children or not, one thing is certain: us women are all busy! Work, family, social commitments, errands and endless to-do lists keep us on our toes from the minute we get out of bed to the moment our head touches the pillow at night.  No matter how busy your days gets, it’s important to eat breakfast. In fact, the more you expect your brain and body to cope with, the more crucial your first meal choice becomes.  Here are a few suggestions from us for quick, tasty breakfasts, most of which can be taken with you for those days when you’re flying out of the door… Enjoy!

Hardboiled eggs and fruit

A great combination of protein, healthy fats and unprocessed carbohydrates. You can hardboil the eggs the previous day (they’ll keep for a few days in the fridge) and then just grab and go. Try a couple of eggs and an apple for the fibre, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and macronutrients your body needs in your first meal of the day.

Overnight Oats

If you like porridge, try this. Before you go to bed, combine porridge oats (the unprocessed kind, not the quick cook ones) with milk or water, a couple of spoons of natural (unflavoured) yoghurt or Greek yoghurt and any chopped fruit (fresh or frozen berries are the best option). Stir and cover, then refrigerate. In the morning you’ll have a thick, delicious concoction which packs a real punch: unprocessed carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals and a little protein. Before you dig in, add a dessert spoon of seeds or chopped nuts for extra satiety.

Simple smoothie

Blended homemade smoothies are the ultimate in quick, portable meals. For breakfast, try combining the following: frozen berries, a handful of natural porridge oats, some plain unsweetened yoghurt/Greek yogurt/quark, a spoonful of your favourite nuts, and enough water to thin it out (you could use milk but the mixture doesn’t need it and you won’t notice it’s missing). If you’ve got any protein powder (any make and type will do) then add a scoop to thicken the mixture and add a great protein hit which will keep you full for ages.

Homemade breakfast bars

These take a bit of preparation but, once done, you can wrap individual portions and store (or even freeze) for quick-grab breakfasts on busy days. Combine 400g natural, whole porridge oats, 20g flour, a pinch of baking powder and cinnamon (or other spices if you prefer). Add your choice of dried fruit or dried berries, chopped or flaked nuts, seeds or coconut (add as much as you’re happy to consume – remember that dried fruit is high in sugar and seeds and nuts are high in fat, although it’s a healthy form of fat). Stir the dry ingredients well. In another bowl, mash one ripe bananas with two egg whites (leave out the banana if you don’t need the extra sweetness). Combine wet and dry and mix well. Grease a shallow tray and press the mixture in firmly. Bake at a 180*C 20-25 minutes or until cooked through without burning. Allow to cool, chop into 10 portions and wrap them ready to grab and go.

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