Great Summer Breakfast For Runners: Overnight Oats

Great Summer Breakfast For Runners: Overnight Oats


Busy runners need great breakfast ideas! Porridge isn’t always appealing in Summer months. Have you tried overnight oats? Discover a breakfast winner!

Oats don’t have to be cooked to make a power-packed, nutrient-dense meal which is ideal for runners. They can be eaten raw or soaked – and that’s where overnight oats come in.

If you struggle to find healthy breakfasts which are quick to make and even quicker to grab in the morning, give it a go. Overnight oats can be made in batches, and eaten at home or at work (or even on the train!) for the ultimate convenience breakfast. The recipe is so adaptable, you’ll be able to make it to your exact requirements: calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, flavours and ingredients.

Simply make up your mixture, refrigerate it and grab it in the morning to eat for breakfast or take with you to eat when you’re hungry. Mix it in a sealable container, add a spoon and you’re good to go.

– Oats (regular rolled oats like you’d use for porridge)

– serving size to suit your requirements, but we like to use between 40-60g

– Milk, or a dairy-free alternative like cartoned coconut milk or almond milk (enough to soak the oats to your required consistency

– start with a ratio of 1:1 oats and milk and adjust next time if needed)

Alternative: fruit juice instead of milk (we love apple juice)

Alternative: for a thicker consistency, use yoghurt instead of liquid (you may need to add a little water or milk in the morning if it’s too thick)

Then add in whatever your heart and stomach desire! We like:

– grated apple

– dried fruit

– fresh or frozen berries or cherries

– stewed fruit compote (try rhubarb, apple or pear)

– seeds

– flaked or crushed nuts

– coconut flakes

– cocoa or carob powder

– protein powder (whey or a vegan plant-based alternative)

– yoghurt, quark or greek yoghurt

– cinnamon

– honey

– mashed banana

– nut butter (try an alternative to peanut – almond or cashew butter is delicious)

– a few bits of chopped dark chocolate

Mix the ingredients well, then leave in the fridge overnight. Dig in and discover a breakfast that’s full of flavour, hugely satisfying and completely open to being customised. We’ve been eating overnight oats for breakfast, snacks and post-run refuelling! Let us know if you enjoy them – and what your favourite mixtures are!


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