Clocks Change: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of The Extra Hour!

Clocks Change: 5 Ways To Make The Most Of The Extra Hour!

Clocks go back an hour this weekend. Make the most of the extra hour with our ideas!

From October 29th (this weekend) our mornings are a little bit lighter and brighter thanks to the clocks changing. But it won’t be long until daylight hours catch up with us and mornings are dark again.

So let’s make the most of it: here are 5 ideas from the Running4Women team.

Extend Your Long Run

The obvious thing to do with the extra hour is to use it as a buffer either side of your regular run. Wake up at the same time (which will actually be an hour earlier), add 15-45 minutes extra on to your long run, and enjoy the luxury of an extra 15 minutes or more once you finish. Use the extra bonus time for stretching, taking a little longer in the shower, or just simply not rushing to be ready after your run. And you’ll still be on the same time!

Add An Extra Session

How about using the extra hour for a different kind of running session? You could use the time to drive to a running track, or walk to the bottom of a steep local hill to do hill sprints. Or take the time to go off-road and explore at your leisure.

Meet Up With A Mate

Celebrate the joy of a lighter morning (for now, at least!) by arranging to meet up with a running buddy for a morning run which is sunnier and brighter than usual. Your spirits will be lifted by the sunshine, the fresh air, and the good company. But don’t forget to both reset your clocks, so neither of you is left waiting at the designated meet-up spot!

Go Somewhere New

Celebrate the annual delight of an extra hour by exploring somewhere new on your run. You have the time, the daylight and (hopefully) the extra sunshine! If you live on the coast, head to the beach or promenade. In the countryside? Explore a trail you’ve been meaning to run down for years. City runners could design an urban route taking in lesser-known areas of your town or running to a well-known landmark.

Sleep More, Recover Better

Of course, there’s always the option of not running at all! And that’s fine. Good quality sleep is closely linked to running performance, balanced hormones, fat loss, mood and injury prevention. So if what you really feel your body needs is a lie-in, then go for it. You won’t hear any complaints from us!

How will you use your extra hour on Sunday? Let us know on Facebook – we love to hear from you!

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