7 Reasons To Run On Holiday

7 Reasons To Run On Holiday

Should you run on Summer holiday? Find out why we think so!

Summer holidays are here. Are you lucky enough to be heading away this year? Runners fall into two camps: those who see Summer holidays as a well-earned break from a regular running routine, and those who seek out every opportunity to run whilst away on their annual break. Which are you?

Here are 7 reasons we can think of to run whilst on holiday – what would you add to the list?

1 – Fall In Love With Running Again

Running in new surroundings, with no pressure of work and household chores, can refresh your perspective about running. Head into the hills whilst on holiday, explore the city, or use the beach and local trails to bring a fresh angle to your regular running. You’ll return home with a new-found love for your favourite hobby.

2 – Fresh Air And Sunshine

If you’re heading abroad for your holiday, running will be a great opportunity to breathe fresh air and get some sunshine on your skin. Run during cooler parts of the day (morning is a good idea) and avoid the hottest, harshest daylight hours. Enjoy the sea air or seek out cool, fresh pine forests.

3 – Run At Your Leisure

Holidays are a time for everyone to sleep in a little. That means you are more likely to be able to run when it suits you, without the familiar pressure of needing to get back for work, to get the kids ready for school, or to run errands. Make the most of it and run at a time – and pace – you’ll enjoy.

4 – Extra Time To Recover

Holidays are made for rest and recovery. If you run early in the day, you can look forward to an entire day of R&R: putting your feet up, hydrating, letting the sunshine relax your muscles, and even getting some dedicated stretching time in!

5 – Different Surfaces

If you can run on the beach, on trails, or in forests on holiday, your feet and joints will love you for it. The change of terrain will have a huge benefit for your muscles and joints, and will provide new training stimulus for strength, balance and co-ordination.

6 – Boost Your Mood

Running on holiday will give you a whole new take on runner’s high! The views, terrain, warmth, sunshine, scenery and sensory stimulus of your lovely surroundings will boost your mood – and the extra vitamin D from the sunshine will only serve to support this.

7 – Sightsee On Foot

We’re not suggesting you do all your sightseeing by running (it’s a good idea to slow down and really enjoy the sights!) but you can certainly combine the two. Plan your run routes to take in local sights, buildings, hidden treasures, stunning scenery or well-known landmarks and a regular run will become something so much more.

Whether you choose to run or rest on Summer holiday, we hope you have a wonderful break – you’ve earned it!

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