Are You Ready To Go Off Road?

Are You Ready To Go Off Road?

5 key tips to make the most of off road running

Off road running is fun, exhilarating, and a great way to shake up your running routine. Don’t let it be a daunting prospect!

Check Your Route

Off road trail runs need more meticulous planning than runs on road or in parks. Pre-plan your route, and learn to read trail signs (footpaths, byways, bridleways). Leave extra time in case you get lost, and don’t risk running in the dark!

Get Strong For The Trails

Off road running can be hard work on your muscles and joints, so prepare your body with some strength training and balance work. You can do this in the gym or at home. Focus on lower body strength, but don’t neglect your core, back and shoulders too.

Off Road Kit

You will probably need different shoes to your regular road running or treadmill shoes. Trail shoes have more grip, and can be more flexible to help your feet deal with twists and turns. Kit yourself out with the right base layers and top layers, too, for changeable weather. And invest in some high vis kit as Autumn turns to Winter.

Use The Trails

Off road running presents lots of natural challenges – hills, inclines, downhill sections, different terrain. Use them! Everything you encounter on an off road run can boost your fitness, make you a better runner, and even help you burn more calories.

Stay Safe

Trail running needs specific safety measures. Be seen, by wearing bright and high vis kit. Tell someone where you are going, and when you should be back. Take your phone (fully charged!) Off road running is a great way to share a training run with a friend, and that’ll keep things safer for you both too.

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