A Runner’s Perfect Bank Holiday

A Runner’s Perfect Bank Holiday

Ah, Bank Holidays! A day off from work for most… but how do us runners like to spend that extra day? Here’s our perfect Bank Holiday.

We’ve had a bit of fun here in the running4women office. Just before we all signed off for the Bank Holiday, we asked the team: how would you spend your perfect Bank Holiday? Here’s a hybrid version of events… let us know if you agree, or if you’d do anything different.

7:00am Alarm goes off

7:01am We turn it off and turn over for a lie-in.

8:00am The sun’s shining too brightly for us to lay in bed any longer! Up we get with the whole day stretching out in front of us.

8:15am Time for a delicious coffee in the back garden or on the patio. It’s already warm enough to feel the sun on our skin. The kids/dog/chickens/husband (delete as applicable) are happily enjoying the sunshine with us.

8:30am How lovely! Our significant other suggests a healthy and delicious breakfast… which we don’t have to make! Yes please.

9:00am We’re eating scrambled eggs, yoghurt, berries and a small bowl of porridge. Just a bit different from the usual hasty weekday breakfast! We’re also drinking a big glass of water ready for a run.

10:30am Breakfast has digested and we’re lacing up our running shoes ready to meet our best buddy for a hassle-free run, free of any time constraints or pressures

10:45am This is the life. Enjoying a wonderful Bank Holiday run with our best mate and training partner, taking in the sights of the towpath/footpath/running track/local hills (delete as applicable) and feeling the warmth of the sun on our bare arms.

12:00pm Home again, exhilarated and smiling from ear to ear after that wonderful training run. It was one of those runs where everything just felt perfect!

12:30pm Time for a leisurely shower. With no meetings to go to or trains to catch, we can even break into that luxury body scrub the little ones got us for our birthday!

1:30pm It’s a short walk to the local cafe or pub garden where we spend a wonderful couple of hours eating a light lunch, rehydrating after our run, and letting the kids work off some energy with their friends.

4:00pm We’re back home by now and there’s just enough time to open all the windows in the house to let the Spring air breeze through the entire house. We’re even thinking about doing a spot of baking this evening, or throwing together the family’s favourite evening meal.

6:00pm The dinner is in the oven (the kids and significant other pitched in, and for once nobody got irritated with anyone else!), the house is peaceful and we’re in our favourite comfy chair reading the latest edition of our favourite running magazine from cover to cover.

9:00pm Bliss.

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