5 Ways To Improve Your Running

5 Ways To Improve Your Running

Here’s how to improve your running even when you’re sitting down.

1. Set Your Running Goals

Research races online, read the listings in running magazines and chat with your running buddies about races, running events, or personal training goals. Cosy up with your laptop or favourite running magazine and set some challenging, exciting goals. Share them with us if you like – we’d love to support you!

2. Nourish Your Body

Make your training run less of a shock to the system by paying attention to what you eat and drink. We’re not saying abstain from fun (let’s be realistic!) but think like the runner that you are: remember to drink plenty of water during the day, try to stick to your favourite healthy habits (herbal tea at bedtime or glass of water on waking?), and just remember which foods make you feel great, and which ones really make running a struggle!

3. Walk To Keep Active

A family walk is a great addition to any day, and a solo walk is a great way to clear your head and grab some me-time. Walking does more than blow the cobwebs away, too. It’s actually a very credible replacement for running on days when training is out of the question. Think of it as active recovery!

4. Read Motivating Books

Read a running book or athlete biography – it’s the perfect thing to read to inspire and motivate, keeping you connected with the sport you love even when you can’t be out there running your regular training routes. Take your inspiration from Olympic athletes, top endurance runners, or the stories of more everyday folk who have set wild dreams and overcome barriers to achieve them.

5. Stretch And Relax

Downtime is a great time for foam rolling, stretching, doing a yoga DVD, or catching up on relaxing! When all the cooking and tidying up is done, when the kids are in bed take the time to foam roll your tight muscles, stretch out, or just relax. Most of us spend very little time looking after our tight running muscles.

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