Unexpected Ways That Running Will Change Your Life

Unexpected Ways That Running Will Change Your Life

Running has many positive effects, from the obvious like weight-loss to the unexpected. Here are some surprising benefits running brings to women’s lives…

Body Transformation

Many of us get into running for weight loss or weight management, although over time it becomes much more than that to us. How many of you have had amazing body transformations based on running and healthy eating?


Whether you’ve just run for 5 minutes non-stop for the first time in your adult life, or completed a marathon, running gives women a massive sense of self-confidence. If you can get out there (often on your own) and witness your body and mind do extraordinary things, what else are you capable of? The answer: anything!

Believing That You’re Worthy Of “Me Time”

For many women, it’s tough to admit that you’re worthy of a decent chunk of your own time. By lacing up your running shoes and heading out for a run, you prove to yourself and to others that your time is precious and that you know how you want to spend it. Whether you’re meeting up with a training partner or heading off by yourself to stick to your training plan, going for a run sends a clear message: I have a goal, and it’s important to me.

Setting A Positive Example

As women, we’re probably responsible for children (whether or not we’re a Mum) and other people who look up to us in some way. Isn’t it fantastic that running gives us a healthy, positive, wholesome way to set a positive example? As runners, we can be active with our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Our friends and family can see us getting healthier, managing our weight, committing to goals and achieving them.

Belief In Your Abilities

Women are renowned for playing down our achievements. Most of us don’t believe we’re capable of incredible things, even if we do them every day! Running helps us get over this psychological burden. Becoming a runner gives us the self-confidence to believe in our abilities: it might start with running but will filter down into other physical challenges as well as work, careers, relationships and social settings.

Becoming A Role Model

Running can turn us into a role model (even if we’re sometimes uncomfortable with the idea!) We think it’s great that friends, family, kids and co-workers are impressed by our running endeavours. After all, it’s good to give people a positive role model through being healthy and demonstrating consistent good habits. Isn’t a real-life runner a far better role model than some of the other women our younger generations could look up to?

Goal Setting, Time Management, Organisational Skills

By necessity, busy women have to harness a key set of skills if we are to fit running into our lives. As runners, we learn and demonstrate how to set goals (and achieve them), how to manage our time, and how to organise ourselves (and others) so we can get things done. These skills translate into work, home and family life and make us an asset to any team!

Running Friendships

This is our favourite of the lot. Running brings us such close friendships and teaches us so much about life, partnerships, teamwork and – ultimately – about ourselves.

In what ways has running had a positive impact on your life?

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