5 Real-Life Tips For Your Best Summer Body

5 Real-Life Tips For Your Best Summer Body

What actually helps runners get in even better shape for Summer? Ignore fad advice and use our down-to-earth tips for a fit healthy Summer body.

You’re already active, healthy and focused on fitness. And maybe you don’t care about flaunting your body in a bikini this Summer (although more power to you if you do!)

The trouble is, there’s so much conflicting and confusing advice out there. And how much of it applies to women who love to run and need to juggle family, work and social events?

We’ve cut through the confusion to bring you 5 real-life tips which are the perfect partners for your running habit!

1) Drink More Water

Such simple advice, but something we can all do a little better at. And drinking water really will help you slim down. More water means the food and nutrients you eat are digested better, helps you body expel toxins, clears up your skin and gives you a feeling of extra energy so you can train harder. All of which will make a noticeable difference to your Summer body – and to your health!

2) Exfoliate

It’s something we all mean to do but forget. So grab a loofah, a dry body brush, or a good body scrub and set aside just 2 extra minutes in the shower to give your body a scrub. Exfoliating will help your skin glow, prepare your body for extra Summer exposure, and will even help tired legs recover from running. It’s one way us ladies get to treat ourselves, so go ahead and have a daily pamper!

3) Add Weight To Your Training

Weight training in the gym, doing bodyweight exercises, using kettlebells, or joining a bootcamp or circuits class will add a whole new dimension to your weekly workouts. Weight training of any kind boosts your metabolism around the clock, by adding a little extra muscle and helping maintain your lean mass. After all, it’s muscle that creates the body you want to reveal, so make sure you’re toned as well as slim. And don’t forget that weight training has a direct positive impact on your running too. More strength=more power.

4) Hit Up HIIT

If your running schedule is all one pace, add in some interval training. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is short periods of very intense work, with longer periods of recovery. Think intense hill sprints, short track sprints, or hard fartlek sessions. The key is to really work hard on the efforts (10-15 seconds, all-out). HIIT blasts body fat, ramps up the metabolism, and boosts your regular running pace. Win/win!

5) Rest And Relax

How can something as simple as getting more rest impact your weight loss efforts? A rested body is a less stressed body. And when we minimise stress, we prevent our bodies from storing as much body fat around the abdomen (a common sign of too much cortisol, the stress hormone). So take naps, go to bed earlier, and allow yourself to relax more. It really should result in weight loss and a flatter tummy (as well as a happier runner!)

Just in case you’re wondering, here are some common bits of advice we don’t think Running4Women ladies need to focus on! Fake tan, skin firming creams and beauty treatments for the beach or holiday. Juicing and liquid diets which can’t be sustained for the long-term, any diet plan which costs lots of money (or makes someone else a lot of money!), low-calorie, low-fat, short term diets which make you miserable or impact your running, fat burning pills which promise to cut body fat without a good diet and training.

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