A Quick Cuppa With…Louise

A Quick Cuppa With…Louise

Louise is a 36 year old Finance Manager and retired International Kickboxer who has undergone double hip surgery.  She is single and lives with her pet cat Tinkerbell, her Argentinian Horned Frog Kermit and 14 Hermit crabs in Woodley, Berkshire.

How long have you been running and why did you start?

I have been running since November 2011 and I used to do approximately 14 aerobics classes a week; mainly Spin, Body Attack and Body Combat.  I hated running and I was unsure I could run any distance due to my hip surgery but when my only sister, Clare, started aggressive Chemotherapy in October 2011 she found herself suffering badly with being tired, in pain and feeling nauseous. So to support her, I signed up to do the Grim Challenge in Aldershot in December 2011 (an 8 mile muddy and river based run on an Army testing ground) so she knew someone was suffering with her. I told her that if I could get to my “Finish Line” then so could she.

I continued to do horrible runs and developed a serious bug for running along the way. Clare was signed off from having cancer officially in December 2012 – my mother ran the Grim with me that year to celebrate her being signed off and to raise money for MacMillan. Mum hadn’t run for over 20 years and she got Pneumonia and had an asthma attack half way around but she still finished; I get my determination and focus from her.

How often do you run?

I run every day.  My Personal Trainer is working work with me to have at least one rest day a week and to try and do something else on certain days. I don’t like rest days but am starting to learn they actually do help.

What do you listen to when you are running?

I have a playlist I have built up for years but my favourite running tracks are anything by Ke$ha, especially her Warrior album and Pitbull. I also have my songs of shame (including ‘Hands Up’ by Ottawan and Dean Martin’s ‘That’s Amore’).

How do you stay focused and disciplined?

I set myself goals and a training plan at the start of the week and have virtual running buddies (Running4Women and Nike Running).

Other than running what else do you do to keep fit?

I have recently had to give up Ballet as well as teaching Zumba. I didn’t have enough time to accommodate everything. I love Spin and Body Attack and am trying to go back to a more rounded routine as opposed to only running. I hired a PT in February when I developed a bad Achilles injury as the hospital advised me that I needed to do some other activities to strengthen my muscles and aid my running.

What is your favourite place to run?

My favourite run is Woodley on my 8 mile route at night or early morning.

How long have you been a member of Running4Women?

Since about August 2013.

What do you like most about the site? 

The recipes Smile

What are your goals for the coming year?

Whilst I can run long distances, due to my hip surgery, I am not very fast. My half marathon speed is 2h03 and I am working on 2h00 or lower.

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