A Quick Cuppa With…Ali Virgo

A Quick Cuppa With…Ali Virgo


Ali Virgo is a 53 year old Mickel Therapist from Warwickshire.  She lives with her partner and has recovered from having M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 8 years. 

How long have you been running and why did you start?

I ran in my 20’s and completed the London Marathon in 1985, then I had my children and stopped running and did nothing until 4 years ago when I started again. 

How often do you run?

Three times a week.

What do you listen to when you are running?

I don’t generally run with music unless I do a half marathon, then its Feeder, Bon Jovi, Queen – stuff to keep up a good tempo.

How do you stay focused and disciplined?

I’m just keen to keep improving, despite my age!

Other than running what else do you do to keep fit?

Road cycling either with a ladies only club or on my own. Swimming twice a week, my freestyle is rubbish!

What is your favourite place to run?

Country lanes where I live in Warwickshire, plus I have great trail runs close by.

How long have you been a member of Running4Women?

About 3 months.

What do you like most about the site?

I love the challenges! I’m not fast but it’s motivational to be a part of them.

What are your goals for the coming year?

My focus now is to do sprint triathlon/duathlons next year and to still take part in running events.

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