A Quick Cuppa With…Elizabeth Dix

A Quick Cuppa With…Elizabeth Dix

Elizabeth is a 30 year old Mechanical Engineer from Bristol.  She is happily married and has lost an incredible 6 stone through running and healthy eating over the past 3 years.

How long have you been running and why did you start?

3.5 years ago I used to do absolutely no exercise and was a size 24, but it all really started when I had been going to Spinning Classes for a few months and was making steady progress losing weight when I suddenly worried about what to do if I couldn’t make a class.  Running was the obvious answer so I signed up for Bristol 10km in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

Six stone and a marathon later, exercise has not only significantly improved my health but my social life has exploded and it has boosted my confidence in all areas of my life.  Deciding to lose weight and get fit has been the best thing I ever did.

How often do you run?

I run 3 times a week and cross train in between. I believe it’s good for your body and your mind to mix things up so I don’t do the same type of exercise on consecutive days if I can help it.

What do you listen to when you are running?

I try to run with company when I can so I’m usually having a good natter! If I’m by myself though anything from Classic Rock to Disco Cheese, as long as I can sing along (badly!)

How do you stay focused  and disciplined?

I find that training for races helps me stay focussed as do the Running4Women challenges.  Also being a member of Thornbury Running Club and having a number of colleagues who run helps too.

Other than running what else do you do to keep fit?

Circuit training once a week, spinning classes twice a week, yoga and recently swimming and cycling. 

What is your favourite place to run?

Anywhere with nice scenery! I really like to look around me when I’m running and am really spoilt here in Bristol.  I’m currently enjoying the Gromit Unleashed statues around the area but have also had some great runs in the Cotswolds too.

How long have you been a member of Running4Women?

I joined in December 2012 I think.

What are your goals for the coming year?

After running my first marathon last year I’m having a quiet 2013 so am just keeping fit and working on all those supporting areas like core strength, balance and flexibility with the hope that this will improve my running.

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